Snapshot Insights

        Temporal Markers

1.   Starting of the Coimbatore Mission 29th April 1955
2.   Formation of Coimbatore Forane Nov 1973
3.   Erection of the Eparchy of Palghat 20th June 1974
4.   Inauguration of the Eparchy of Palghat 8th Sept 1974
5. Inauguration of the Coimbatore Region and Formation of 3 Foranes 1st May 2008
6. Erection of the Eparchy of Ramanathapuram 18th Jan 2010
7. Inauguration of the Eparchy of Ramanathapuram & Episcopal Ordination o f Msgr. Paul Alappatt 11th April 2010
8. Inauguration of the Ist Pastoral Council 29th April 2010
9. Ist Eparchial Day & Releasing of the Eparchia Logo and Anthem (Chief Guest: Mar Andrews Thazhath, Metropolitan Archbishop of Trichur) 4th July 2010
10. Inauguration & Blessing of Eparchial Catechetical Centre (Gandhipuram) & Animation Centre (Ukkadam) (Temporary) 12th October 2010
11. Blessing of the Arokiamatha Chapel, Pollachy 18th October 2010
12. Blessing & Inauguration of "Santhom Creations", Tirupur 25th October 2010
13. Blessing foundation Stone for the Eparchial Minor Seminary (H.E. Mar Jacob Manathodath) 06th January 2011
14. Inauguration of the 2nd Pastoral Council 11th June 2011
15. Inauguration of "St. Mary's Minor Seminary", at temporary building in Edayapalayam 12th June 2011
16. Releasing of the 1st Diocesan Directory (Mar Bosco Puthur) 03rd July 2011
17. Inauguration of the Mission Year 10th Sept. 2011
18. Inauguration of the Diocesan Website 10th Sept. 2011
19. Consecration of the Karunya Matha Church Karunya Nagar (Perur) 08th Dec. 2011
20. Erection of the Parish Udumalpet 07 Jan. 2012
21. Starting of the Dharapuram Mission 4th March 2012
22. Blessing of the Presbytery, Karamadai 06th May 2012
23. The Pastoral visit of the Major Archbishop Mar George Cardinal Alencherry 6th-8th July 2012
24. 03rd Eparchial day 8th July 2012
25. Blessing of the foundation stones for Bishop's House & Pastoral Centre by the Major Archbishop 8th July 2012
26. Erection of the Parish Sulur Aero 15th July 2012
27. Inauguration of the Eparchial Santhom Social Service Society 18th August 2012
28. Laying foundation Stone for the Minor Seminary at Kozhinjampara 18th January 2013
29. Consecration of the Good Shepherd Church, Karamadai 20th January 2013
30. Starting of Vadavally Mission 10th February 2013
31. Starting of Ettimada Mission 17th February 2013
32. Starting of St. Alphonsa Mission, Edayarpalayam (Mettupalayam) 03rd March 2013
33. Starting of Athipalayam Pirivu Mission(Ganapathy, Gandhipuram) 11th August 2013
34. Starting of Sowripalayam Mission 20th October 2013
35. Consecration of the St. Judes Church, Dharapuram 21st Dec. 2013
36. Sifting of the Minor Seminary to the New building in Vadakkukadu (Kozhinjampara) 06th Jan 2014
37. Consecration of St. Alphonsa Church, Palladam 1st Feb 2014
38. Starting of Holy Mass at Peelamedu (Sitra) 2nd Feb 2014
39. Blessing of Presbytery, Dharapuram 23rd Feb 2014
40. Perpetual Adoration Centre at Lourde Forane Church, Gandipuram 8th Dec 2014
41. Laying foundation stone for Mother Theresa Peace Home, Tirupur 11th Apr 2015
42. Laying foundation stone for the new church at Kuniamuthur 25th Apr 2015
43. “Samarpithavarsham” at Ramanathapuram Cathedral in connection with the year of the Consecrated (2014 Nov. 30-2016 Feb.02) 14th Jun 2015
44. Laying Foundation Stone for the Community hall at “Rosary Garden” (RNM) 11th Aug 2015
45. Laying of the Foundation stones for Bishop’s house and Pastoral Centre(by Mar Paul Alappatt) 06th Nov 2015
46. Formal blessing & inauguration of St. Mary’s Minor Seminary, Vadakkukad (Pollachi)
by Mar Andrews Thazhath, Metropolitan Archbishop of Trichur
08th Dec 2015
47. Opening of the “Door of Divine Mercy” at Cathedral 13th Dec 2015
48. 2nd Diocesan Bible convention at Ramanathapuram (Alvernia School Ground) 18-22nd Dec 2015
49. Protest rally & Meeting at Ramanathapuram against attach on a priest and three lay people in the diocese 07th Feb 2016
50. Blessing of the first phase of the Mother Theresa Peace Home  
51. Blessing & laying of the foundation stone for St. John Paul Mission centre, Periyanaickampalayam (Bishop Paul Alappatt) 23rd May 2016
52. Blessing of the grotto, Kindergarten section & Kids park, at St. Joseph's school, Jadayampalayam (Bishop Paul Alappatt) 07-6-2016
53. Formal blessing & inauguration of Mater Dei ICSE school at temporary building in Singanalloor (Bishop Paul Alappatt) 09-6-2016
54. The first feast of St. Mother Theresa of Kalkota in the diocesan level At Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ramanathapuram 09-10-2016
55. Blessing of the chapel at St. Joseph's Matri. Higher sec. School Jadayampalayam 19-10-2016
56. Blessing of Holy Family Priest Home, Ganapathy 06-11-2016
57. First Eparchial Convention of Catholica Congress 20-11-2016
58. Blessing of Second phase of Mother Theresa Peace Home 01-05-2017
59. 4th Pastoral Council 18-06-2017
60. Bishop Joseph Irimpen Memorial Eparchial Quiz Competition (Ed. 1) 18, 25 June 2017
61. 8th Eparchial Day 02-07-2017
62. Foundation stone laid for "Mater Dei ICSE School" at Pattanam, CBE (Bishop Paul Alappatt) 08-09-2017
63. Extension of the territory of the Eparchy (Decree No. 38/2010) 09-10-2017
64. 4th Diocesan Bible convention at Ramanathapuram (Alvernia School Ground) 24-26th Nov 2017
65. Handing over of the Syro-Malabar St. Mary's Parish
(from the diocese of Salem to the eparchy of Ramanathapuram By Bishop Sebastianappan Singorayan of Salem)
66. Consecration of St. Joseph's church ( reconstructed) at Kaundampalayam (By Bishop Paul Alappatt) 21-1-2018
67. First meeting of the bishop with the Syro-Malabar faithful at Pallipalayam (Namackal) 06-3-2018
68. First meeting of the bishop with the Syro-Malabar faithful at Dindigal 17-3-2018
69. First meeting of the bishop & the Holy Mass with the Syro-Malabar faithful at Kodaikanal 18-3-2018
70. First meeting of the bishop with the Syro –Malabar faithful (mainly students)
at Christian College of Engineering & Technology at Ottachithram (Dindigal)
71. First Holy Mass for the Syro –Malabar faithful (mainly students)
at Christian College of Engineering & Technology at Ottachithram (Dindigal) (on Palm Sunday)
72. First meeting of the bishop & the Holy Mass with the Syro-Malabar faithful at Thanchavoor (in the house of Mr. Babu & Mrs. Sheela, Parappully) 03-6-2018
73. Consecration of the renovated St. Paul’s parish church, Pollachi (by Bishop Paul Alappatt) 01-7-2018
74. Blessing and starting of St. Alphonsa FCC convent at a rented house in Trichy 03-7-2018
75. Consecration of St. John Paul church, Periyanaicakampalayam (by Bishop Mar Paul Alappatt) 07-7-2018
76. Blessing of CMC convent (Idukki province) at a temporary building in Kodaikanal 22-7-2018
77. Blessing and Inauguration of Mater Dei School, Pattanam, CBE. 15-8-2018
78. Blessing of the Holy Family Convent at temporary building at Thanjavur 24-2-2019
79. Foundation stone for the third phase of the Mother Theresa Peace Home,Tirupur laid by Mar Paul Alappatt 13-4-2019
80. Inauguration of the Decennial year of the eparchy of Ramanathapuram at Holy Trinity Cathedral (by Mar Paul Alappatt) 15-4-2019
81. Blessing of the Shefi Aaram F.C. Convent at Ettimadai 22-4-2019
82. Blessing & inauguration of the Bishop's House, (Trichy road, Selvarajapuram, P.O.Chinthamanipudur) by Abp. Andrews Thazhath
in the presence of Mar Jacob Manathodath,Mar Pauly Kannookadan, Mar Paul Alappatt, TN Minister S.P. Velumany)
83. Blessing & inauguration of Santhom Pastoral centre, (Trichy road, Selvarajapuram,P.O. Chinthamanipudur) by Bp. Jacob Manathodath
in the presence Abp. Andrews Thazhath, Mar Pauly Kannookadan Mar Paul Alappatt, TN Minister S.P. Velumany)
84. Shifting of the Diocesan Curia to the newly constructed Bishop's House at Selvarajapuram from Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ramanathapuram
(after more than 9 yeas functioning there : 11-04-2010 to 10-07-2019)
85. Blessing and inauguration of the temporary church Aat Trichy 18-10-2020
86. Implementation of the decision of the Syro-Malabar Synod on Eucharistic Celebration 29-11-2020
87. Erection of Pollachi Forane and elevation of St. Paul's church, Pollachi as Forane church 21-12-2020
88. Consecration of the newly constructed parish church at Kuniamuthoor 27-12-2020
89. Blessing of the presbytery and renovated cemetery at Sastrinagar (Erode) 30-4-2021
90. Starting of the Holy Mass at Pallipalayam (District of Namackal)(St. Joseph's Syro-Malabar Mission) 08-8-2021
91. Starting of the Holy Mass at Mettoor (Salem) 07-11-2021
92. Erection of Arogyamatha CHF Vice Province, CBE 11-02-2022
93. Erection of Jai Rani CMC Province, CBE 02-04-2022
94. Canonization of St. Devasahayam in Rome 15-05-2022
95. Diocesian Bible Kalotsavam 12-11-2022
96. Fixation of the territories of the Parishes : Podannur, Kuniamuthur, Pollachi &Suleswarampatty station 18-01-2023
97. Blessing of the Holy Spirit convent, Madukarai (Bishop Paul Alappatt) 11-2-2023
98. Blessing of the Charity convent, Kannampalayam (Bishop Paul Alappatt) 02-5-2023
99. Blessing of the presbytery at Trichy (Bishop Paul Alappatt) 18-5-2023
100. First eparchial assembly at Eparchial Santhom Pastoral Centre 9-11, June 2023
101. Laying foundation stone for St. Alphonsa church, Kodaikanal 23-7-2023
102. Laying foundation stone for CMC Convent, Kodaikanal 23-7-2023